6 Facebook Ad Tips for Aliexpress Dropshipping Stores (w/ Fred Lam)

Look to learn how 6 Facebook ad tips when promoting the dropshipping stores of Aliexpress.

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# 1 of our ad tips on Facebook: spy on your competition ads for free using the search bar

One of the easiest ways to see if a product has potential is to see if your competitors are succeeding in spying on your ads. There are excellent paid products to help you spy on your competitors, but you can do it for free using the search bar if you have a limited budget.

To do so, go to the search bar and type something like this:

"Publications about" free shipping "coffee mugs"

You can replace the "free shipping" with some other type of common offer, such as a 50% discount, and replace the "coffee cups" with any item you send from Aliexpress.

Now Facebook will search for publications that include this text. Most likely, publications that use these types of words / phrases are ads, so you can review and spy on publications that have a high commitment.

Something to keep in mind is that just because a publication has a lot of commitment does not mean that it is necessarily profitable, it only means that it spent a lot of money on it. Sometimes people spend money on ads that do not work, so it's not an infallible way to see, but it helps.

No. 2 of our Facebook ad tips: select "Product conversion" for your Facebook goal

When you make Aliexpress dropshipping and create your ads, you can select a goal for your ad. This is the goal on which Facebook will focus. The only objective you must select is "conversion", specifically, a product conversion.

In addition, you can also configure it so that each of your individual products has its own product conversion pixel. If you make this extra effort, it will help Facebook put the ad in front of the right audience specifically for that individual product.

No. 3 of our ad advice on Facebook: the higher your advertising budget, the better the quality of the visitors you will be targeting

On Facebook, not all users are the same. Some users get very involved in the publications, click on the ads and buy things from the ads that are shown to them on Facebook. On the other hand, some users do not get involved much, do not click on many links and are less likely to buy things from the ads that are shown on Facebook. Users who are very involved cost more to be announced compared to those who do not.

When you start advertising on Facebook with a small advertising budget ($ 3-5 / day), you will initially show your ad to lower quality users because they are cheaper and Facebook does not want to overdo your budget. As you scale your advertising to $ 40-200 / day, you will reach higher quality users, and once you reach $ 200 + day, you will reach the most committed users.

You need to slowly scale your campaign to reach the correct user base for your ad, so you can discover what Fred likes to call the "optimal point".

# 4 of our Facebook ad tips: do not penalize for overlapping audience

When you advertise on Facebook and try several products, if you use the same audience orientation for each product, you risk your ads overlapping and competing with each other. If the ads begin to compete with each other, then the CPM will trigger. To avoid this, try to create a unique orientation for each product you try, if possible, and exclude the interests you have targeted in your other ads.

No. 5 of our ad tips on Facebook: consider the "I like forced" and the "I like by association".

When you select your orientation on Facebook, you will find broad keywords such as "Coffee". Broad keywords like this one will appeal to a wide variety of people, many of whom do not really like coffee, because of "I like it" and "I like it by association". "

For example, you may not like coffee, but you can click on a post your friend made about drinking a good cup of coffee because your friend likes it and they like it. Because he clicked like in a state related to coffee, he has now sent a signal to Facebook to include it in this broad orientation.

To avoid this, look for keywords that are targeted. You can identify those that are targeted by selecting long tail keywords and keywords with lowercase letters that do not use uppercase letters.

No. 6 of our Facebook ad tips: focus on important information in your Facebook Analytics account

Within your analysis account, Facebook gives you a large amount of data, many of them are not useful. Focus on these 4 metrics when analyzing if a product is working well and create your own customized column of data to analyze:

1) Cost per purchase (CPP)
2) Cost per click link (CPM)
3) Click on the rate link (CTR)
4) Cost per miles (CPM)

Video credits to Wholesale Ted YouTube channel

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6 Facebook Ad Tips for Aliexpress Dropshipping Stores (w/ Fred Lam)

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