Facebook Tracking Pixel Tutorial – Building an Online Business Ep. 35

If you want to run a successful Facebook campaign, this is NOT optional! Here is a quick tutorial on how you can implement the universal tracking pixel of Facebook on your site and easily.

The Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that you can place on your site to allow Facebook to control the activity of your website. Why give Facebook even more information? Simple; They will allow you to use that information to track your conversions, sales and create new audiences to guide. Here is a quick breakdown of each of these benefits.

First, the pixel allows you to easily track a "conversion" on your site and then shows you exactly which ad is responsible for the conversion. This means that when you test your ads, you can easily see the ads that are actually capturing people who are taking action. This is much better than simply knowing which ads generate the cheapest clicks.

Second, it allows you to follow the steps of your funnel and sales. If you want to get an advanced level, guide people according to specific pages they have visited or not on your site. When someone makes a purchase, they can tell Facebook how much it is worth and optimize their campaign to obtain customers at a cost that is profitable. If you have a blog, you can redirect visitors according to the specific topics in which they have shown interest in your blog.

Finally, it allows you to create new customer lists. Using the pixel data, you can ask Facebook to find people similar to those who have already committed and bought. This means that as your audience grows, so does your ability to reach new people who are very similar to your current clients.

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Facebook Tracking Pixel Tutorial – Building an Online Business Ep. 35

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