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1. SEO: we've already done two episodes in the nose, so I'm not going to delve into the subject here if you want more information on this, listen I think it's episode 13 and 14, but basically the quick version is trying to classify more High in Google for different keywords

2. Content Marketing: so funny that this type of information comes into play with SEO and we are going to talk about this in depth, I think that in the next episode or very soon in a future episode, here content marketing is very important for several different things, but it is related to a search engine optimization or SEO because if you can create really cool pieces of content, people will find you through Google, an example of this could be seven friendly sandwiches, so you want to position yourself on Google for ketosnacks and you

3. YouTube: and for half of the people who listen to this podcast, you're probably watching it on YouTube, so many people see it on my YouTube channel as an effective e-commerce and get more views so more traffic in the YouTube channel. to my website with the hand down and the reason is that there are many reasons, but people prefer to consume videos that many people refer to consume videos, not everyone prefers to read, but the videos are faster for the 99 % of people and they are entertaining, they are a little more entertained so youkan use this
4. Talk to everyone: never waste an opportunity, you can go to conventions that usually cost money or you can go where your customers talk and talk to them and let them know about your company. I'm not too gonadal with this one. I know

5. Make phone calls: call your potential customers so that four of them are dance garments that we will call dancing studios and for high-yielding nut butter. I plan to call the gyms and let them know about our product. Now when it does it probably should not be cold

6. Influencer Marketing: now this is not necessarily free.
You probably have to give away some products, but go find influencers in your niche in some projects, so it is not one hundred percent free, but only costs your products. Easily, we're going to do an episode in this insurance, so I won. I talk too much about that number

7. Guest Blogging – and this is where you're going to see someone who has a blog and write a post about it. I'll talk in depth about this in the next episode, but the quick answer is that people already have these huge audiences, so I also say guest podcasting, guess youtubing how all these different things are good on other people's platform
8. Start a podcast

11. Contest – Probably eventually do a full episode on how to conduct a contest, but this is a great way to spread the message so you can do something through Twitter via Facebook saying that you make a publication about your products and saying share this product or share this post to have the opportunity to win a free product, then people share it and share it with their friends and it becomes a complete virality, so it's a great way to do it. You can also make contests for people in their emails. and then you send them a market email
12. Guerrilla marketing – then guerrilla marketing is really an idea that is out of the box, an example of this could be going to a trade shower, a convention with a funny hat, so it could be a sufficient performance, but I could go with a hat with a lot of nuts

13. PR – for public relations to join Haro is a help for a reporter that you can google I think it is horrible point org Google Google alone and you can join that and basically what happens is that you receive emails from reporters who say "Hey, I want total about XY" & Z issue and they're looking for experts on that so they can say what we're looking for
14. Spotlight marketing –

15. Get repeat customers –
Free marketing ideas

Content Marketing
Talk to everyone
Make phone calls
Influencer Marketing
Guest Blogging
It's not really free, but it can be
Send personal emails
To all
Especially the people who register in your email
All social media
Guerrilla Marketing
Go to the professional fair with hat
Join Haro
Contact Newspapers / Magazines, etc.
Spotlight Marketing
Obtain repeat customers

Video credits to Travis Marziani YouTube channel

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Free Marketing Ideas For Your Online Business | Effective Ecommerce Podcast #15

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