From $1 to $17,000: How Navy Officer Grew His Online Business Side Hustle On a Submarine

In today's video, I want to share an interview with Dave Chesson. Dave is the founder of Kindlepreneur and has an incredible story of how he started and how he continues to build and grow his online presence.

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One of the amazing things about moving to this area is that I can connect with many amazing people. Many of these people that I met before moving here and others that I have known since I moved here. One of those incredible people I could connect with was Dave Chesson.

Dave and I have a military background, we were both part of a group of experts and we have some other things in common. I know Dave's story, but today I want you to learn about Dave.

Dave: The army constantly sent me around the world, away from my family, and I was not happy with that. I did not have a goal and I only showed up every day and did the work they asked me to do. I decided that I needed to develop a business that would allow me to leave military service and still support my family.

Of course, being on the other side of the world, there is no way to open a brick and mortar business. I also did not want to leave a job from 9 to 5 for another, that did not seem like a success.

We start looking at online marketing and the ability to earn money from anywhere in the world (as long as you have access to the Internet). That's what sparked my interest in search engine optimization (SEO) and other online tactics.

Jeff: What was the first thing you did online that generated money?

Dave: my wife went to a conference, a Danny Johnson conference and there was a guy, Jeff Usner, who had a free book called "How to make money online". I got the book and decided to follow everything he said. I did it, read every page and applied everything I said. It took me a couple of months to implement everything and I won …….. $ 1.00.

Most people would have laughed and thought it was the biggest waste of time. I did not do it

I could make something out of nothing, something that did not affect my usual work, and I saw that $ 1 as a success. That was the proof that he could succeed. I just needed to do it over and over again, and build on that.

The first project was a site called, which has nothing to do with what I do now.

I realized that the concept could work, I just needed to modify my process and learn from the mistakes I made with the first project. The second project was a little better than Maden $ 17. I saw that I could develop my idea and make improvements. But it was not something that felt what mattered. I needed to find something that I thought would bring real value to the Internet.

Then I started another project and then another. I just kept building on those projects. I wrote books for Kindle, I created products to sell to people. I learned continuously from my mistakes.

My business is now Kindlepreneur, which is designed to help authors publish their books in public. Through this process, I realized that software in the market oriented toward authors was lacking in many areas. So I created KDP Rocket, a software designed to help authors create and sell their books.

One important thing that has prevailed throughout this process is that it constantly takes a step forward. You continue to learn and grow from your past mistakes.

If you want to start doing your thing, you should keep in mind that all have faults. You just have to learn from that and keep moving forward.

It's been fun to meet Dave and learn more about him and his story. I am surprised at his ability to take an idea, form a team and do it.

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about him, I hope to tell you more stories about people like this.

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From $1 to $17,000: How Navy Officer Grew His Online Business Side Hustle On a Submarine

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