How to earn 50$ Dollar per click and 500$ per day by adds

Earn up to $ 100 daily without the best investment site without instant scam payment
What is the minimum cash withdrawal?
MyTrafficValue earnings balance: No minimum!
Perfect money: $ 1.00
EgoPay: $ 10.00
Solid Trust Pay: $ 10.00
PayPal: $ 2.00
Payza: $ 2.00
Banking cable: $ 250.00
Bitcoin: $ 1.00

Few things you need to know to start:
Bonus ad spots (BAPs) are essentially your revenue potential when it comes to receiving bulk payment ads. If you have 1000 BAP, you will receive bonus ads paid for a click value of $ 0.50 as soon as possible. Value: 1 ad bonus points (BAP) = $ 0.0005. The more BAP you have, the greater your profit potential.

How to earn ad bonus points (BAP):
Free daily 400 BAP. (until you have seen 100 BAP ads, from that moment you will receive 200 BAP each day)
Get 3100 BAP for every $ 1 spent on advertising on your account balance or payment processors.
155% yield: 3100 BAP x $ 0.0005 = $ 1.55; a profit of $ 0.55 for every $ 1 you spend on advertising for both your account and any other available payment processor
Calculation: $ 1 = 3100 BAP; 1 BAP = $ 0.0005; 3100 x $ 0.0005 = $ 1.55 and that represents 155% of your investment.
The more you invest, the higher the yield.
As a headline:
► Click on all ads daily, no matter how small they are (including the 5 activation ads) and do not waste your BAP by recycling ads. Recycling low value ads as an initiator can give a bad reputation to advertisers and, in the end, may give you fewer ads.

► When you still have at least 100 BAPs left, try spending that to request and get 2 additional ad packages containing 12 paid ads with values ​​ranging from $ 0.0005 to $ 0.015 with total values ​​of $ 0.025 per day / pack of micro ads. You have guaranteed earnings of $ 0.05 per day to spend 100 BAP.
Reference Commissions:

You will earn 10% of all ad purchases made by your referrals. Therefore, if your reference purchases ads valued at $ 100, you will get an instant commission of $ 10.
You will also earn 5% of the value of any paid advertisement that your referrals make. Then, if your reference sees a paid ad for $ 1.00, they will receive $ 0.95 and you will earn $ 0.05 in commission.
Note: you will only win from your direct referers. Which means that if your reference invites another person to register on your link, you will not receive any commission from them.
For people who do not wish to register through my referral link: by default, they will be registered in the administrator's referral link and the commission will be paid, so commissions will be paid to anyone.
Can I earn real money and charge for free?
If you can! No deposit is required to earn money with PaidVerts. Simply register a free account, click on one or more "BAP Ads" found at the bottom of the Paid Ads members page.
If you register through my reference link, I will be happy to help you and tell you more about PaidVerts to help you with your strategy to earn more money.
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How to earn 50$ Dollar per click and 500$ per day by adds

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